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Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth and a properly aligned jaw. When you have crooked or crowded teeth or a misaligned jaw, it can cause pain, uneven wear on your teeth, or even trouble with being able to clean or floss. These issues can all lead to future dental problems, headaches, and a loss in confidence when smiling. When you have troubled teeth, sometimes the solution is to get a pair of dental braces. Ottawa’s Dr. Ian Milne favours dental braces to help straighten and position his patients’ teeth, whether they’re 4 or 74!

Some common reasons for getting braces:

  • Correcting underbites, overbites, or open bites
  • Correcting crooked or crowded teeth
  • Fixing gaps in your teeth
  • Fixing jaw positioning

Advancements in technology and materials have allowed modern braces to be less invasive, less visible and more comfortable to patients. And, in addition to having a smile that you’ll want to show off, giving you a bump in confidence, your oral health will also get a boost when you can properly clean your teeth and aren’t biting or chewing off-kilter. So, if you think you’re in need of dental braces in the Ottawa area, contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

Types of Braces

The most common bracket (or dental braces) Dr. Milne uses is the Damon system. This is a self-ligating bracket that uses a “door” to hold the wire in place. He also occasionally uses a standard stainless steel bracket that uses coloured elastics to hold the wire in place. Both are very effective systems. Dr. Milne will use the best system depending on your case. We custom design braces individually for patients to match their needs. This will help with the proper alignment of your teeth. Once the braces are placed, we also explain to our patients in detail how they are supposed to maintain it.  



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We also provide Invisalign treatment for those who are not comfortable with metal strips.

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